Best and worst foods for acidity

Each one of you must have suffered from acidity at some point or another, hence you all might be aware how uncomfortable and terrible...

What comprises a healthy breakfast?

Eating is always good but what to eat and how much to eat is quite a tricky question.  Firstly, understand what really describes as...

Foods to keep you young and fit

Looking young and feeling healthy is the desire of most people these days. Desire to look young has become a big concern for both...

Five extraordinary success rules for weight loss

“I will loss 10 kilos in 2012, that’s my New Year resolution”, this is what every second individual decides before the New Year approaches....

Things you must avoid doing at the gym

Even if you are an enthusiastic starter or a seasoned bodybuilder, there are some things you must avoid doing at the gym. This can...

Shed your extra pounds this summer

Weight has always been a concern for most of us. Everyone wants to take least effort and still wants to be in shape and...

Summer Skin Care Regimen

The sunny weather take a toll on your health and moreover on your skin and hair. You might have realized that your arms and...

Stay young with the benefits of Suryanamaskar

Whether you agree or not your body grows with time, no one can stop the process of ageing. Be it your glowing skin or...

Why digestive health is essential for good health?

Digestion: An Important Process In the process of digestion food is broken into small parts making it feasible for the body to use it for...

Health and cosmetics tips for good health in females

These days there have become an increased concern in women to have healthy body and good looking skin. This concern has made them more...
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