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6 simple natural tips to deal with insomnia (lack of sleep)

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The value of a good night’s sleep in letting you lead a healthy and happy life is immeasurable. A growing number of scientific studies show a direct correlation between the quality and quantity of sleep with the overall health of a person. However, insomnia or sleeplessness is a common ailment of the times that afflicts a lot of people, often with disastrous consequences.

From aggravation of ailments like diabetes to immediately life-threatening problems, insomnia can be a major health issue than it is often considered. There have been tragic cases of relatively young and seemingly healthy executives succumbing to fatal heart attacks or strokes due to their irregular sleeping habits and leading a sleep-deprived life. Lack of adequate sleep not only affects one physically but can affect mental health as well. Some say that insomnia causes stress, anxiety and depression, but usually, it is the other way around. Insomnia is often the result of stress and anxiety.

Tips to deal with insomnia naturally

So, it is time we address the problem of insomnia head-on. You cannot (or rather, should not) pop a pill every time you lie on bed and don’t get sleep. Before we think of medication and visits to a doctor, it will be worthwhile to try and solve it with some simple home remedies, that have been known to work in a lot many cases.

  • Get a light head massage with oil: Several herbal/ natural oils are available that act as a coolant and are specifically formulated to induce sound sleep. If you don’t have a herbal oil or Ayurvedic oil handy, use regular coconut oil or baby bath oil to gently rub on your scalp for a little and massage your temple and forehead.
  • Enjoy a warm bath before sleep time: One of the best ways to relax your body after a hard day at work is to have a warm bath. Make use of relaxing bath salts, if you can, for added relaxation.
  • Drink a glass of warm milk or herbal tea: Have the milk at least half-an-hour before hitting the sack. Or if you are not fond of milk or cannot have it due to lactose intolerance or any such problem, opt for a commonly available herbal tea. Chamomile tea is particularly recommended as it is proven for its calming properties.
  • Try aromatherapy: Some fragrances have the ability to calm your mind and induce sound sleep. You can light a small aromatherapy candle or apply a bit of aromatherapy oil behind your earlobes as you get ready for bed. Just ensure that the fragrance is not too strong.
  • Switch off all electronic gadgets and dim the lights: To get proper sleep, it is important that you create the right environment. Keep away your mobile devices and turn off the TV at least an hour before you hit bed.
  • Play light music or gentle repetitive chants: Music is a cure to many ills! Turn on some light soothing music or, if you are the spiritual kind, listen to meditative chants. Such chants seem to have a magical ability to calm your nerves and get you to sleep.

Try these home remedies for insomnia a couple of weeks. In case, you are still having difficulty in getting good sleep, then it is time to seek professional advice for your insomnia. Do not delay seeking professional advise as we cannot overemphasize the importance of good sleep for your overall health and well-being. If your sleeplessness is caused due to stress, it will be important to understand the root cause of the stress and address that. It may help to speak to an appropriate coach or counselor too.

Here’s wishing you sound sleep! Hope you have a good night, every night!

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