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Foods to keep you young and fit


Looking young and feeling healthy is the desire of most people these days. Desire to look young has become a big concern for both men and women. Many go for costly anti-aging creams to get that youthful looks. But it is important to remember that these can just give you outer beauty. To feel energetic and young from within, one can go the natural way and eat fruits and green vegetables regularly.

Here are some of the super-foods that can help you get glow on your face and control aging.

  • Dark chocolate: – Cocoa, the primary inclusion in the dark chocolate is the supreme ingredient that help to burn fats and add a glow on the skin. Dark chocolate contains cocoa that is a rich source of proteins and Vitamin B. Therefore, eating dark chocolate regularly is good for health and helps combat aging.
  • Berries: – All berries, especially blueberries and gooseberries are the rich source of Vitamin C. Berries maintains the strength in the body and make you feel energetic. It also helps in stimulating proper blood circulation that in turn helps in controlling aging. Berries acts as the strong anti-aging agent.
  • Avocado: – It is the prime source of Vitamin E that maintains the glow on the skin and keeps away the wrinkles on the face. Avocado helps in reducing the cholesterol in the body. Therefore, it is also good for heart patients.
  • Garlic: – Cloves and garlic are good for health as it prevents human body from cancer and heart diseases. It helps reducing the cholesterol level, thus reducing the risk of heart attack. The mixture of ghee and garlic is recommended for glowing skin. When eaten raw, garlic is most useful.
  • Green vegetables: – Spinach, green beans, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and lettuce are some of the vegetables highly recommended to fight against aging. Broccoli is a rich source of Vitamin C that helps in weight loss and prevents human body from heart diseases.
  • Kidney beans: – Pulses contains proteins that keep a person fit forever. It reduces the risk of heart disease and gives youthful complexion. So, don’t forget to include kidney beans in your diet.

Eat these foods and live a vigorous life without any danger of heart problems or other diseases.

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