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Best and worst foods for acidity

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Each one of you must have suffered from acidity at some point or another, hence you all might be aware how uncomfortable and terrible it can be. Acidity occurs due to excess emission of acids in your stomach’s gastric glands. Excess secretion of acids leads to heartburn. Acidity is mainly aggravated due to consumption of spicy foods. One wrong food is enough to have a day full of discomfort and heartburn. Hence, it is essential for acidity prone people to take care of their food intake to keep a control on their acidity levels.

Here is a list of foods one must include to avoid acidity problems:

Best foods for acidity

  • Apples and bananas:

Apples and bananas are fruits that are safe to be eaten during acidity as they do not cause or trigger off acidity. You can also have fruit juices; apple juice is an ideal option.

  • Vegetables:

Beans, cabbage and peas are healthy vegetables that do not cause acidity. You can also include potato in your diet; baked potato can also be a good option but try to avoid fried preparations.

  • Egg white, chicken and fish:

It is ideal to include egg whites and lean white meats in your diet if you are acidity-prone.

  • Low fat cheese

Acidity prone people must say big no to heavy foods that are hard to digest. Hence, try and prefer low-fat dairy items, such as milk and low-fat cheese.

  • Whole grains

Try to avoid refined carbs, such as maida and white rice rather prefer whole grains, such as brown rice and wheat to get rid of acidity.

Worst foods for acidity:

  • Spicy food:

Any acidity prone individual can very well tell you how much good spicy food can do to you. Hence, it is always better to stay away from excessively spicy food and prefer only milder foods instead.

  • Citrus foods

If you are an orange lover, then do know that Citrus foods are considered as the worst acidity triggers. If you are prone to acidity then make sure you avoid citrus fruits and also juices.

  • Coffee:

The ones with chronic acidity problem, it would be just ideal to cut off coffee from your diet. As an alternative try green tea as it can be god for your health.

  • Fried and fatty foods:

Biscuits have too much of fats and fried snacks must be totally boycotted from the diets of all acidity prone people. These work as instant triggers and can give you days of discomfort.

  • Alcohol:

Although wine is known as a healthy form of alcohols, it is no-no for the ones with chronic acidity problem. Wine contains tannins that can trigger off acidity hence it is best to be avoided.


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