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Things you must avoid doing at the gym


Even if you are an enthusiastic starter or a seasoned bodybuilder, there are some things you must avoid doing at the gym. This can be basic things that you must have over looked all the time.

Here the some of the things you must avoid doing at the gym:

Common Distractions

Focus is very important while doing exercise in the gym as it avoids injuries and makes sure that you can achieve the objective behind joining gym. Utilize your gymming time to meet your fitness goals instead of chatting and staring at others. Avoid getting your mobile to the gym, as they are means of constant connection with the outer world. While in gm you must only concentrate on your weighs and the coach.

Some factors that can distract you at gyms are:

  •   Talkative buddies
  •   Over-indulgent gymming folks who advise unnecessarily
  •   Extremely loud music
  •   Gymming friends who crib a lot and suck-away your enthusiasm

Overdependence on Gadgets

This is small gymming advice for the ones looking out to achieve your gymming goals seriously. Do not over-indulge in gadgets at the gym as the main idea behind gymming is to push you. If you are taking excess of precautions then it means you will end up working-out smartly without exercising too hard. Hence if you are serious behind joining the gym then say bye-bye to the gadgets.

Switching on to bigger weights and dumbbells:

Gymming is basically about trying yourself however you should have precaution along with the enthusiasm to lift heavy weights. You should understand that working out at gym can lead to serious injuries at times. Also lifting very heavy weights is suggested only after attaining certain amount of muscle mass as well as overall fitness. Trying to lift heavy weights too early can lead to damage in the tissue. However, lifting much ahead of your capability is suggested only when you are seriously looking out to bulk up.

Crowded Changing Rooms

It is commonly noted that the changing room and showers are crowded most of the times. If you feel that the hygiene of these places is not satisfactory, then you must not visit them frequently. Crowded changing rooms form breeding grounds of widespread skin infections, mainly related to the fungal and bacterial type. Never share your clothes and towel with others.

Extra Experimentation:

Working-out can be fun after you get hold of the basics. You can also experiment with new variations of the exercise. But, too much of experimenting just for fun or to show-off will land you in to serious problems, such as grievous injury. This happens mainly with your upper and lower back, shoulders and the neck.


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