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Five extraordinary success rules for weight loss


“I will loss 10 kilos in 2012, that’s my New Year resolution”, this is what every second individual decides before the New Year approaches. But not all are able to accomplish the objective. Achieve what you have decided, shed those extra kilos by following the mentioned five amazing rules for weight loss.

Weight loss does not mean crash diet, or long hours of exercise, it’s about planning cleverly, understanding your body and bringing it in proper shape.

Rule # 1: Proper diet selection

Crash Diet crashes very quickly. Don’t force your body and mind to eat less, since that will have a tremendously negative impact on your body. Instead, be proactive about diet selection and know what and how much is good for your health, height and weight. Take smaller meals after every 2-3 hours, split up the food intake proportion. Eat what you like but in limit, do not starve and eat healthy snack.

Rule # 2: Proper workout selection

Active involvement of the trainee as well as the trainer in the exercise gives out positive result. A trainee must always follow the instructions of the trainer and do those exercises and moves suggested by him. However, don’t blindly follow what the trainer recommends. Ask for complete details about how to do it, is it suitable for your body type, is the workout suitable for your goals, and the time period it will take to reach the goal.

Rule # 3: Strict diet plan

‘Rules are meant to be broken’, if you follow this saying then forget about your dream of loosing the weight. If you certainly wish to have a good figure, then follow the diet plan strictly. However, strict diet plan doesn’t mean ‘starvation’ or ‘crash diet’. It is about planning and eating a balanced diet. There are a wide variety of weight loss foods available in market; it’s your job to choose the one that is suitable for your body. Eat healthy diet like green vegetables, salad and low fat breakfast.

Rule # 4: Strict exercise routine

Exercise keeps our body fit; therefore treat it as your friend not foe. It is an essential part of human life. Do proper exercise as suggested by your trainer and practice it daily. Regular and appropriate exercise surely produces excellent result in terms of perfect figure.

Rule # 5: Adequate rest

Sufficient rest and proper diet is the ideal combination for weight loss. Improper sleep is the biggest cause of weight gain; therefore sufficient sleep is quite essential. Proper sleep ensures strong digestive system and maintains hormonal balance.

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