Chocolate or green tea. Which one is healthier?

Chocolate has four times the anti-oxidants found in tea. Doesn’t that sound unreal? Well that is what has been proved in a recent study....

Miraculous powers of green tea

There won’t be another food that has health benefits that equals green tea.  The Chinese have used the medical benefits of green tea ever...

Sound Sleep: The Forgotten element for optimum Health

In today’s busy scheduled life, every one leads a hectic lifestyle. There are so many things to be done everyday that we get very...

Develop proper eating habits in kids for optimal health

These days, it common to see kids are becoming obese and over weight, thanks to their unhealthy eating habits. Obese and overweight kids grow...

Fruit Facts: Enjoy the Nutritional Values of Fruits for Great Health

Fruits are known to have high diet value along with an unbelievable source of necessary enzymes, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants plus phyto nutrients. Fruits that...

Easy tips to lower salt intake from your daily diet

Sodium i.e. common salt is one of the most vital minerals for the normal functioning and metabolism in your body. It also ensures appropriate...

Do Yoga and get relief from Back Pain

Scoliosis, a medical jargon, commonly recognized as the back problem is a very complicated health issue. Although back problem generally affects one area, but...

Feng Shui tips for good health and emotional state

Feng Shui, a Chinese system of geomancy, uses laws of both Chinese astronomy plus Earth to improve life by receiving positive energy. It is...

How to achieve smooth and supple skin with home remedies?

Home beauty remedies and recipes have been followed for over centuries. Some of the remarkable remedies are revealed just out of necessity. Over a...

What are the medical therapies for treating Vitiligo?

Vitiligo also known as Leucoderma is a pigmentation disorder. White patches emerge in skin surface of different parts of your body. It is either...
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