Simple guidelines to have healthy and glowing skin

For healthy radiant skin you need not spend hours at the spa and burn a big hole in your pocket. Following a simple skincare...

Facts about Fats: What are good and bad for you?

It is very common to get a negative reaction when you hear the word fat. No matter in which context the word is heard...

Strawberries: The best remedy for diabetes

Strawberries have been known as a traditional remedy to beat the scorching heat. Its excellent healing power does not limit to just that, it...

How to achieve smooth and supple skin with home remedies?

Home beauty remedies and recipes have been followed for over centuries. Some of the remarkable remedies are revealed just out of necessity. Over a...

Top secrets for a flat tummy

Do you think you have a fat tummy? Most women around the world are struggling to travel from fat to flat. There are many...

Foods to keep you young and fit

Looking young and feeling healthy is the desire of most people these days. Desire to look young has become a big concern for both...

What comprises a healthy breakfast?

Eating is always good but what to eat and how much to eat is quite a tricky question.  Firstly, understand what really describes as...

Shed your extra pounds this summer

Weight has always been a concern for most of us. Everyone wants to take least effort and still wants to be in shape and...

Sound Sleep: The Forgotten element for optimum Health

In today’s busy scheduled life, every one leads a hectic lifestyle. There are so many things to be done everyday that we get very...

Stay young with the benefits of Suryanamaskar

Whether you agree or not your body grows with time, no one can stop the process of ageing. Be it your glowing skin or...

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