6 simple natural tips to deal with insomnia (lack of sleep)

The value of a good night’s sleep in letting you lead a healthy and happy life is immeasurable. A growing number of scientific studies...

Treat motion sickness with easy steps

Do you fear sitting in the car and bus for a long time? Do you feel weak and dizzy while travelling? These are all...

Superfoods for health and skin enhancement

Proper nutrition is the cornerstone of healthy skin and body. Without any second thought, the foods in your kitchen are the vital elements for...

Top secrets for a flat tummy

Do you think you have a fat tummy? Most women around the world are struggling to travel from fat to flat. There are many...

Summer Skin Care Regimen

The sunny weather take a toll on your health and moreover on your skin and hair. You might have realized that your arms and...

Solutions to stop hair loss

Hair loss is a very common problem faced by most people. It can become a source of insecurity and humiliation for the ones not...

Miraculous powers of green tea

There won’t be another food that has health benefits that equals green tea.  The Chinese have used the medical benefits of green tea ever...

16 Most Shared Health Tips On Facebook

All of us are following one or the other health related page on Facebook. After all, we all want to live long and enjoy...

Nutrition Myths: How far are they true?

Drink lots of water, don't consume alcohol, avoid eating eggs, take vitamins are some of the nutritional advice that you have been getting for...

Chocolate or green tea. Which one is healthier?

Chocolate has four times the anti-oxidants found in tea. Doesn’t that sound unreal? Well that is what has been proved in a recent study....
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