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Shed your extra pounds this summer


Weight has always been a concern for most of us. Everyone wants to take least effort and still wants to be in shape and be fit. But do you know that climate also influence your weight loss.  Yes! True to every word summers help you stay in shape and shed off your extra weight easily. With the hot weather setting in staying slim and healthy would not require you to go on crash diets.

The sunny weather is such that it automatically changes your eating habits. It possible to lose weight drastically in summers unlike in winters as you can exercise more frequently during summers and don’t tend to overeat as the body’s system slows down also you consume fluids that keep you filled up. All these factors lead to a major weight loss.

An ideal way to lose weight is to split your meals into different categories;

  • Breakfast (early morning)
  • Breakfast,
  • Snack (middle morning)
  • Lunch
  • Evening snack and
  • Dinner
  1. Prefer to start your day with a glass of lukewarm water mixed with honey.  Tea drinkers must prefer a cup of tea along with some Marie biscuits and 2-3 almonds or walnuts. After this, have a breakfast that includes healthy food, such as oats, muesli, cornflakes and egg white.
  2. After an interval of two hours of having breakfast have some fruits or salads. Lunch must include two multi-grain flour chapatis, a bowl of green vegetables and dal. Indulge in evening snacks, such as idli, dhokla or roasted channa along with cup of tea.
  3. Dinner must comprise vegetable soup, chapatis or brown bread along with fresh vegetables. If you feel hungry before sleeping then have a glass of milk.

Eating fruits keeps calories away, but avoid mango, banana and grapes as they have too much calories. Prefer melons, watermelons and sweet lime. Have fruits 40 minutes prior meal or after two hours of having meal. Fruit juices must be avoided at any cost for weight loss

Things to avoid:

One must avoid foods, such as

  • Fried greasy foods
  • Full fat milk
  • Refined cereals like Maida
  • Sugar and sugar products
  • red meat
  • Maida products such as samosa, kachori and bhatura

Things to include:

For speedy weight loss your diet must include

  • Skimmed milk
  • Whole pulses
  • Porridge made from whole grain cereals
  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Lean meats – chicken or fish
  • Salads

When you are on weight loss regime, it is advised to drink hot water as it smoothens the functioning of your digestive system. However it doesn’t have any direct connection to weight loss. Slow metabolism a reason for weight gain, hence take measures to improve your metabolism. Drinking hot water along with lemon and honey maintains your metabolic cycle at the same time flushes out  toxins from body thereby indirectly helping weight loss.

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