Energize your life with simple stress-relieving tips

Stress is of several types and so are its sources. “Walk and Talk” is an effective way to overcome anxiety and attain good health....

16 Most Shared Health Tips On Facebook

All of us are following one or the other health related page on Facebook. After all, we all want to live long and enjoy...

Miraculous benefits of Aloe Vera

You must be aware of the many advantages of using Aloe Vera for skin problems, such as cuts, burns, allergy, etc. However, are you...

What are the medical therapies for treating Vitiligo?

Vitiligo also known as Leucoderma is a pigmentation disorder. White patches emerge in skin surface of different parts of your body. It is either...

Five vital foods all women should consume

Balanced diet is the basis of healthy living for every individual, yet the dietary patterns and requirements differ depending upon the gender. We should...

How to achieve smooth and supple skin with home remedies?

Home beauty remedies and recipes have been followed for over centuries. Some of the remarkable remedies are revealed just out of necessity. Over a...

Multiple Sclerosis- Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

Multiple Sclerosis (MS), is a disease in which your immune system attacks your nerves, and disrupts the communication between your brain and rest of...

Homeopathy treatment for Asthma in children

Asthma is the foremost cause of chronic illness affecting children. It affects about 10 to 12 percent of children around the world for reasons...

Best and worst foods for acidity

Each one of you must have suffered from acidity at some point or another, hence you all might be aware how uncomfortable and terrible...

The way to a healthy life!

It is a common belief that the heart of a healthy life is the elimination of unhealthy food. However, rather than focusing on cutting...
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