Signs that show you are not getting enough sleep

Our lives are overloaded with stress and work. In fact, we have transformed into machines, with our brains overloaded with several professional and social...

Five vital foods all women should consume

Balanced diet is the basis of healthy living for every individual, yet the dietary patterns and requirements differ depending upon the gender. We should...

Healthy ways to lose weight

Most people resort to gym exercise or some dieting schedule to get back in shape. However, after losing some, their desire to eat again...

Strawberries: The best remedy for diabetes

Strawberries have been known as a traditional remedy to beat the scorching heat. Its excellent healing power does not limit to just that, it...

Eat a mishmash of healthy food

The food you eat can influence your existence immensely. We all know that eating food is good our body. However, there is more than...

Dates: A healthy diet during Ramadan

Have you ever wondered why dates are in great demand during Ramadan? What is its significance? Dates are a basic fruit of the Middle...

Diet plan for new mommies!

Diet is the vital part that keeps a woman fit and healthy post-pregnancy. A post pregnancy diet should be simple and should consist easier...

Top fat-loss tools you should know

Hormones can be one of the causes of weight gain; however, they are also used as fat-loss tools. According to experts, intake of proper...

What are the ways to overcome anxiety?

A stressful life ruins both the present and future of an individual. It becomes more chronic, when you struggle hard to meet the basic...

Say ‘no’ to smoking!

Despite of the placards or cigarette packs saying ‘Smoking is injurious to health’, smoking (for some) has always been a wonderful companion and great...

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