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Signs that show you are not getting enough sleep

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Our lives are overloaded with stress and work. In fact, we have transformed into machines, with our brains overloaded with several professional and social tensions. The internet is an addition to this busy and hectic schedule.

In this fast paced life, are you sure you are getting enough sleep to feel fresh when you get up in the morning. If you think your dark circles are the cause of improper sleep, but not entirely sure, here are some signs that clear the fine line between belief and disbelief:

  • Texting and chatting at four –Many a times, you may get up in the middle of your sleep and check your cell phone or access your Facebook account. You go online and start responding to the mails and offline messages, or updating funny status at odd hours. These are the best signals that you are ruining your sleep.
  • Have the tensed facial expressions – You are always stressed, show your anger towards everyone, and shout at them frequently. You have no idea when was the last time you smiled and enjoyed with your loved ones. It is the signal that you are not getting sufficient rest. Take a nap and chill!
  • Short-term memory loss – You keep on forgetting things unconsciously or overlook episodes or instances of life consciously out of tension. At times, it happens that you go to the shop thrice, but every time come without buying anything. You forget meetings, birthdays, and anniversaries. This could be the outcome of stress (personal and professional).
  • Intake of food – You either keep on eating continuously or skip meals. Your relationship with the food is stringently complex. You do not realize when you are hungry and when are not. Lack of sleep is one of the major causes of this complicated relation between you and meals.
  • Continuous weight gain – You are gaining like anything, despite of eating less. This is the result of improper sleep. Experts say that for every individual at least 8 hours of sleep is essential. Continuous weight gain is a “sleep deprivation alert.”This is the worst sign of sleeping disorder.

Weight gain, dark circles, obese body, and other health problems are the effects of lack of sleep. Such sleep deprivation symptoms should be avoided for better health. Sleep is an essential part of our life. Proper sleep means perfect body and healthy life.

Proper diet and regular exercise are the key to a healthy life. Eat healthy, stay fit!

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