Multiple Sclerosis- Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

Multiple Sclerosis (MS), is a disease in which your immune system attacks your nerves, and disrupts the communication between your brain and rest of...

Five vital foods all women should consume

Balanced diet is the basis of healthy living for every individual, yet the dietary patterns and requirements differ depending upon the gender. We should...

Signs that show you are not getting enough sleep

Our lives are overloaded with stress and work. In fact, we have transformed into machines, with our brains overloaded with several professional and social...

What comprises a healthy breakfast?

Eating is always good but what to eat and how much to eat is quite a tricky question.  Firstly, understand what really describes as...

Best and worst foods for acidity

Each one of you must have suffered from acidity at some point or another, hence you all might be aware how uncomfortable and terrible...

Eat a mishmash of healthy food

The food you eat can influence your existence immensely. We all know that eating food is good our body. However, there is more than...

Dates: A healthy diet during Ramadan

Have you ever wondered why dates are in great demand during Ramadan? What is its significance? Dates are a basic fruit of the Middle...

The way to a healthy life!

It is a common belief that the heart of a healthy life is the elimination of unhealthy food. However, rather than focusing on cutting...

Healthy ways to lose weight

Most people resort to gym exercise or some dieting schedule to get back in shape. However, after losing some, their desire to eat again...

How to lead a stress-free life?

Stress is a tiny word with huge effects. Several negative health issues like cardiac disorder, unhealthy weight gain, and even psychological disease accompany stress....

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