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Strawberries: The best remedy for diabetes



Strawberries have been known as a traditional remedy to beat the scorching heat. Its excellent healing power does not limit to just that, it can work as a remedy for several other health problems.

A study by the student’s of the University of Warwick revealed that strawberries have a positive effect on cardiovascular diseases. It prevents chronic heart diseases.

Studies show that eating strawberries triggers protein in our body called ‘Nrf2’, which is known to heal several health diseases and increase antioxidants in the body. The proteins of this small red fruit will help in decreasing blood lipids and cholesterol, which is the root cause of cardiovascular problems.

Strawberries for diabetes patient:

Sugar is dangerous for diabetes patient; however, strawberries are the best source to consume sugar without any harm.  It defies post-meal blood glucose and bad cholesterol, thereby decreasing the chances of heart diseases and diabetes. Therefore, many doctors recommend consumption of strawberries. Truly, strawberry is the fruit for diabetes patient.

Strawberries are low in calories, but are high in health-boosting substances. It contains fiber and Vitamin C, which is vital for a human body. It helps reducing blood sugar level and breaks the formation of cholesterol.

Strawberries also help in reducing weight, since weight control is vital for managing diabetes. However, one should avoid eating strawberries dipped in sugar syrup or use it in desserts. Strawberries, if eaten alone, prove beneficial for the body.

Strawberries for breakfast:

Eat fresh, frozen, canned, or dried strawberries in your breakfast. Add this small red fruit in your breakfast cereal or menu and lose weight easily.  You can also use strawberries in your snacks and after lunch.

This fruit has several other health benefits like, it aids people who suffer from digestive problem, and other stomach problems. Eating strawberries and vegetables is a good way to ease digestion and soothe stomach upset, constipation, diarrhea, and other painful symptoms.

Strawberry is the best diet for diabetes patient. Strawberries are also recommended for pregnant women, since it keeps the body healthy. The fruit also boosts individual’s mood. It keeps the mood cheerful and gay.

Did you know?

  • Strawberries contain more than 75 percent water
  • Strawberries are excellent food for losing weight or maintaining your current weight
  • It keeps away the scary complications of diabetes
  • It is also seen that strawberries helps fight heart disease and even cancer to some extent.

Consult a doctor for a proper diet plan.

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