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Diet plan for new mommies!


Diet is the vital part that keeps a woman fit and healthy post-pregnancy. A post pregnancy diet should be simple and should consist easier to digest items. Just an assortment of traditional remedies and home science is good for new mothers. Women usually are stuck between their mother-in-law’s age-old diet recommendations, and doctor’s diet plan.

Deficiency of iron, calcium, constipation, and soreness are generally observed in new mommies. The best way to gain required energy is to try out both the remedies and see which works better on her body.

Experts recommend the diet that is clean and all that the mother needs and likes. She should consume clean and washed vegetables and fruits, and drink filtered water, since that food which mothers eat indirectly goes to the baby’s stomach.

  • Increase intake of calorie: – Nursing a baby needs energy, therefore doctors generally emphasizes on the intake of wholesome meals with less oil and spice. Consuming small meals that are rich in proteins are essential. Nuts, daals, and legumes are some of the most recommended items for new mothers. However, for non-vegetarian mothers, it is suggested to continue with meats and do not switch to green leafy vegetables instantly. Eat shredded meats in soup that are less oily and minimal spicy.
  • Inculcate iron in your diet: – Pregnancy involves tremendous loss of blood, which reduces the iron level in a woman’s body. Therefore, pumping little spinach in your daily diet is good. Try to incorporate spinach in everything such as daal, dough, and curry. This keeps the iron level balanced. Maintaining a healthy diet plan is essential.
  • Calcium intake is vital: – A mother needs plenty of calcium to feed the baby properly. New mommies should drink milk, curd or other milk products. Aleev and haleem are a rich source of calcium; therefore include those in your diet plan. However, be careful about sugar. Include these items in your diet plan for good health.
  • Liquid works wonder: – New mummies should drink lots of water daily. Doctors insist mothers to drink soup, coconut water, water, whole fruit juice, and other fluids.

A healthy diet increases blood sugar, and energy level, and helps a person maintain the perfect shaped body.

Eat a nutritional diet and shed those extra kilos. Follow a proper post-pregnancy diet plan and live a healthy life!

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