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Develop proper eating habits in kids for optimal health


These days, it common to see kids are becoming obese and over weight, thanks to their unhealthy eating habits. Obese and overweight kids grow to become obese adults with lots of health complications. This all depends on the parents, if parents have unhealthy eating habits kids follow them eventually. Also it is parent’s duty to control their kid’s diet and take proper care of their health and future.  It is your responsibility to ensure that your child is eating a good healthy and varied diet. But the fact is also undeniable. Most kids are not open to eat new foods and straightly reject various healthy foods.

So what are your supposed to do in such cases? You need to follow several steps to make your kid eats better, becomes healthier and has his weight in check.

1.        Set an example:

Kids mainly follow and learn things from their parents. If you skip breakfast and instead stuff a burger for lunch and eat dinner with lots of carbohydrates, your child will learn nothing about good nutrition. Remember your child is watching all that you do and will eventually take you as a lead. Hence re-work on your diet for your child’s sake and become an inspiration for them.

2.       Don’t rush:

If your child is used to have fruity pops as breakfast and fries and chicken nuggets for dinner, you need to slowly move on with changes in their diet. If you suddenly offer them a smoothie for breakfast and a spinach salad in dinner, they will straightaway say a big NO.

Hence slowly add more of fresh veggies and fruits to their diet. Offer a fruit smoothie with breakfast and swap your white bread with one made from whole wheat. Changes should be made slowly, as your child is used to some thing and make changes all of sudden wont be acceptable for them. Experts say that it will take about 10 to 12 exposures to a new food before your child will finally accept it. They will also not have the same thing every day but if you offer that particular thing in different forms everyday they will accept it.

3.       Let things be done in the fun way:

It is common for adults to consider healthy eating as a torture, so just visualize how difficult it would be or a kid, especially if they have been raised on carbohydrates, fats and sugar. If you set a good example and patiently bring changes in their diet, you will be surprised to notice resistance fading away. Once this has happened add in sum fun factor:

a)      Go to a salad bar restaurant: Even though there are plenty of bad choices at such restaurants, there also have adequate good options to make your most defiant child to eat the spaghetti bar, the baked potato bar or eventhe green salad bar. Dessert mainly includes frozen yogurt.

b)      Make your own Lunchables at home: Make your kids meal interesting by filling it with cheese cubes, grapes, carrot sticks as well as turkey breast. Make it look attractive, so that your kid is tempted to taste it.

c)      Go to the park for a picnic dinner: Plan a picnic dinner and carry along some oven-baked chicken from home and include a homemade potato and fruit salad as well.

d)      Get them in to kitchen with you: You kid might not like most of the vegetables but including them in preparing food might push them to at least try it.

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