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Do Yoga and get relief from Back Pain


Scoliosis, a medical jargon, commonly recognized as the back problem is a very complicated health issue. Although back problem generally affects one area, but scoliosis is an imbalance of the entire spine.

In the current scenario, when human beings are transformed into a living machine, people continuously sit in one posture. Back problem is usually noticed among office-goers, who sit from morning till evening in one position. However, there are also many other things that causes back problem.

Causes of Back Pain:

  • Incorrect posture of sitting or sleeping
  • Sitting continuously
  • Improper movements
  • Tumor, cysts or infections etc.

Tips to treat Back Pain:

Exercise that includes, swimming, yoga, meditation, etc. gives best results in the process of treating back ache. Using a hot tub daily for massaging the affected area is also another way to heal back pain.

Back exercise is necessary and must be done daily for the best output. This generally reduces the pain, if done properly and in the correct posture. A slight change in the posture can backfire or aggravate your problem; therefore it is always recommended taking expert guidance before doing any exercise.

Do exercise but only one time in a day and start doing it for little time initially. Slowly, once your body is used to the movements, increase the intensity and time.

Yoga gives best results:

Choosing the right yoga movements will strengthen your muscles and help you cope with the backache quickly. Yoga is one form of exercise for which you should join a class. Initially, start with simple stretches for the lower back and then, slowly increase the intensity.

One of the healer yoga postures for the back pain is Cobra Pose. But if done incorrectly, it can increase the pain. Locust pose, Tadasasna, Downward-facing dog, Child’s pose, Pigeon Pose, Triangle pose, Pelvic tilts, Cat and Cow pose and upward-facing dog are some of the yoga posture you can try to heal that severe back pain.

Try these postures and follow them regularly under the guidance of a yoga expert. Yoga is the best way to help the healing process.

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