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Feng Shui tips for good health and emotional state


Feng Shui, a Chinese system of geomancy, uses laws of both Chinese astronomy plus Earth to improve life by receiving positive energy. It is a means to purify the energy around you, increase the healthy energy Chi as well as decrease the unhealthy energy Sha Chi thereby promoting health.

Here are few such Feng Shui tips to boost your health:


These are exceptionally powerful cure in feng shui. Water is a source of life and a human body consists of around 60 percent of water. Fountains generate a relaxing and soothing sound that reduces everyday tension and stress. They make you feel better just like you would feel when in some natural surrounding. Besides, fountains put in moisture to the surrounding air and release healthy negative ions. Place them anywhere you wish, except your bedroom as it can disturb your sleep.

Salt water cure:

This purifier detains bad Sha Chi energy and moreover improves your health. You can purchase or make this feng shui health charm. Ypou can make it by using salt, pilsner glass, six Chinese coins and water. Place it anywhere you want to boost the energy, including wealth, health, love or career zone. Ensure that you do not touch or move it in excess. The glass starts to form crystals from the captured bad energy. You will have to replace it when a number of big crystals have built. Discard them in a sealed container.

Indoor plants:

Plants have the tendency to purify the air. It also promotes positive energy i.e. Chi. You can place plants anywhere in your home. Plants that have rounded leaves boost wealth.


Air is the most essential element for living beings.  Every few seconds Humans breathe in air. It operates as an invisible fuel for human bodies. The feng shui health tip is to open the windows of your home and office frequently.


Light effects humans to a greater extent. Natural light is the best light and the flickering fluorescent ones are the worst.  Fluorescent bulbs are these days a part of our home interiors. People use them in corridors, kitchens as well as bathrooms, because they are cheap and tend to last longer than the regular ones. But fluorescent lights are very bad for health. They can cause bipolar swings, dermatitis, fatigue and headaches. Hence replace your fluorescent bulbs with the regular ones. Also try to get in more of natural light in your home.


Colors have impact on your mood and feelings. For example, green is neutral, blue is soothing and relaxing, where as red is agitating and energizing. If you notice wrong colors in your rooms, prefer redecorating them with colors that appeal you.


Sound is also very vital for health. Sounds create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere. Place bells, wind chimes and indoor water fountains to have pleasurable sounds in your indoors.

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