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Easy tips to lower salt intake from your daily diet


Sodium i.e. common salt is one of the most vital minerals for the normal functioning and metabolism in your body. It also ensures appropriate fluid retention. Nevertheless, consuming sodium in excess via salt elevates chances of getting high blood pressure that is a main cause for heart diseases. Hence Salt is referred as the next sinful ingredient following sugar.

Here are some easy ways to reduce salt i.e. sodium intake:

Read Food Labels:

Most of the packaged food items mention the sodium amount in it. However, it’s your responsibility to read this part of packaging. Also note that sweet foods and the ones which don’t taste salty contain lots of sodium. Such foods can be considered as masked salt intake. Processed foods, baked goods, canned or tinned foods and ones preserved for long periods contain extreme amounts of sodium. Even packaged cereals and famous food items like pasta and sauces have lots of salt.

Distract your taste buds:

Most people have the habit of adding additional table salt to their palate just because they have got used to a certain taste. Get rid of this habit of consuming excessive salt by distract your taste buds. This can be done by flavoring that easily overcomes saltiness at the same time enhance the taste of your food. Use flavored herbs or simple additions such as lemon juice.

Understand your Food:

Remember foods called as low-calorie foods and low-fat foods are not necessary to be healthy mainly if they are high on sodium. These foods contain a less oil, sugar or butter; but have lots of sodium. This is intentionally done so that the consumer gets overwhelmed by the saltiness of the food. Hence, while looking for low-fat foods, also search for low-sodium or no-salt foods.

Balance Your Salt Intake

Potassium is essential to balance the high sodium levels induced by too much salt intake. People who consume foods rich in potassium are less likely to need to additional pinch of salt. Therefore elevate your consumption of potassium-rich foods, such as fresh fruits and colored vegetables. Some of them include spinach, bananas and potatoes.

Hydrate Yourself:

All those who drink water during the day are likely to dispose of sodium from their bodies naturally. Sodium is amongst those substances that are disposed off from the body by means of urine. However, make sure that you are not drinking excess of softened or mineralized water since the packaged water has considerable amounts of sodium.

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