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Say ‘no’ to smoking!


Despite of the placards or cigarette packs saying ‘Smoking is injurious to health’, smoking (for some) has always been a wonderful companion and great remedy to deal with stress. Those who seriously tried quitting have employed various alternative methods, but only a few succeeded in the mission. Here is the list the states ample benefits of quitting smoking:

Quitting smoking has positive as well negative results, which range from long-term to short-term effects on the body.

  • Positive side of quitting: –

a)      Excessive smoking leads to blood pressure, but lowering or quitting it can control the increased blood pressure level and transform it to normal.

b)     This also results in increasing the oxygen supply to the body and reduction of carbon monoxide in the blood stream

c)      It treats all the respiratory problems and the lung capacity would automatically increase by approximately 10%

d)     It reduces the chances of lung cancer or heart attacks

e)      Quitting smoking keeps the body relaxed thereby eliminating tension and physical problems

f)       It also decreases coughing, sinus, fatigue, congestion, and other breathing problems

g)     Quitting smoking also increases the energy level of the body, keeping it free from chronic health diseases

h)     The person will also experience changes in their physical appearance after quitting cigarettes. The person may feel relaxed and fresh the entire day.

  • Negative side of quitting: –

These negative symptoms experienced, mainly resulting due to the body trying to adapt extreme changes. However, these changes and effects are for a short period.

a)      Quitting smoking, at times can lead to changes in the digestive system. The person can experience acidity, heartburn, and indigestion along with nausea and vomiting for some time.

b)     It also results in respiratory changes, since the body takes time to break the monotony of consumption. It can lead to sinus, cold, throat clearing, and hoarseness of voice.

c)      With the heart no longer pumping fast to maintain blood pressure, quitting smoking may lead to temporary side effects like dizziness, muscle stiffness, tingling fingers.

d)     Psychological changes: – drowsiness, day dreaming, abnormal sleeping patterns, and frequent nightmares are some mental changes people experience after quitting cigarette.

Consuming a nutritional diet is one of the best alternatives to smoking. Therefore, eat healthy and stay fit.

Benefits of quitting smoking are ample, although it is solely your decision whether to stop or continue smoking. While the body does take some time to adapt a non-smoking lifestyle, do not panic with the occurrence of those negative effects. Quit smoking and lead a healthy life!

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