• What are the medical therapies for treating Vitiligo?

    Vitiligo also known as Leucoderma is a pigmentation disorder. White patches emerge in skin surface of different parts of your body. It is either caused due to some damage or cracking in the pigment making cell, called as melanocytes. These patches also appear on skin tissues inside mouth, nose and also the retina. Hair growing on the vitiligo affected areas turns white at times.

  • Treatment Options for Vitiligo

    Vitiligo is a skin condition that affects the products of melanin in the skin cells that result into formation of white patches on the body. Till date there is no complete cure found for cure for vitiligo, but the there are several medical options available to treat its symptoms.

  • FAQ’s n Vitiligo and how to treat it

    Vitiligo is an uncommon skin disorder that affects about 1% of the whole world’s population. The main symptom of the disease is white skin patches that may spread to large parts of the body or at times to the whole body. Vitiligo can be frustrating when it affects the visible parts of skin, especially the face.

  • Homeopathic Treatment for Vitiligo

    Homeopathy is a form of medication which helps to treat any disease naturally and without any negative health effects. It is a traditional method of treating any kind of disease. Once termed as traditional way, homeopathic treatment has now gained much importance, especially to treat skin diseases.

  • FAQs on Vitiligo

    • What is Vitiligo?

    Ans: Vitiligo is a skin disease in which an individual looses the original color of his/her skin, and develops white patches on the skin. Vitiligo usually affects the area near the nose, hands, elbows and face. It sometimes even destroys the eye retina.

  • Skin grafting for Vitiligo – Does if offer permanent cure?

    When talking about treating Vitiligo, it is important to understand that the condition occurs due to abnormality of the immune mechanism that gives rise to white patches on the skin. Although, this condition has become a bit easier to manage given the developments in the field of medicine, this is a chronic disease and there is hardly any permanent cure. In short, treating Vitiligo is difficult but correcting the basic problem that is causing Vitiligo is almost impossible.

  • Vitiligo: Things you need to know

    Vitiligo is referred as a disorder that causes depigmentation in certain sections of skin. In simple terms, formation of irregular white patches on your skin is vitiligo. It occurs when melanocytes i.e. the cells that cause skin pigmentation either die or start to defunction. There is as such no specific cause of vitiligo, but research states that it may be an outcome of genetic, autoimmune, neural, oxidative stress or viral causes.