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Weight management tips to prevent diabetes


diabetesMillions of people worldwide are suffering from diabetes, which is mainly considered a  lifestyle disorder. The rise of diabetes in adults as well as youth is alarming and it is imperative to take proactive actions to prevent the disease. Let us understand the ways in which diabetes can be controlled and prevented.

Lose weight to prevent diabetes

1. Know your weight: Most of us are ignorant about the difference between our present weight and the ideal weight. If your weight is in proportion to your height, ideally you are leading a healthy lifestyle. Age has nothing to do with weight. Therefore, you need to maintain your weight throughout your life.

2. Lose waist inches: The waist fat, or the belly fat, has a big role in the occurrence as well as the precaution of diabetes. Women with the waist circumference of 35 inches or more and men of waist circumference of 40 inches or more have higher chances of getting diseased with diabetes. Lose weight to reduce your chance of developing diabetes.

3. Know your genetics: The age old saying, precaution is better than cure, stands true when it comes to diabetes. Therefore, you should check across the family chart of diseases and understand the chances of yours getting affected with any kind of genetic diseases. Diabetes is a genetic disease and hence, if you have a family history you should take immediate steps to improve your lifestyle.

4. Exercise daily: Obesity is one of the prime reasons that lead to diabetes. Therefore, a crucial health tip is to take some time out of your busy lifestyle and start exercising on a daily basis. Find an exercise partner to stay motivated. Both men and women are equally vulnerable to develop diabetes.

5. Eat right: Health is wealth and what makes up your health is what you consume on a regular basis. If you are obsessed with junk food and colas, you are inviting diabetes. It is best to steer clear of junk food or fried foodstuffs. Instead, choose to eat healthy by incorporating fruits and vegetables in proper quantities. Once your body gets adapted to a healthy lifestyle, then you will easily fight the urge to eat junk food. Eating right, especially high fibre foods when combined with the proper exercise can help you lead a healthy lifestyle and prevent diabetes.

6. Manage stress: Everyone around us is under stress. It depends on you to take stress positively. Understand the source of stress and then deal with it accordingly. Be positive in life. Make sure that you schedule your tasks properly and stay away from unnecessary worries.

Hope the above healthy tips will help you stay away from diabetes. Weight management can contribute a long way in leading a healthy and long life.

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