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Homeopathic Treatment for Vitiligo


Homeopathy is a form of medication which helps to treat any disease naturally and without any negative health effects. It is a traditional method of treating any kind of disease. Once termed as traditional way, homeopathic treatment has now gained much importance, especially to treat skin diseases.

Stress, sun exposure and certain chemical reactions also trigger Vitiligo. A person suffering from this disease must protect his/her skin from strong sunlight. If the skin is exposed to the sun, there are chances that the problem will further increase. Therefore, it is suggested to use sun screen to protect your skin from sunburn which worsens the Vitiligo affected skin.

Vitiligo is a skin condition which causes white patches on different parts of the body. Vitiligo can be treated using homeopathy medicines. Below are a few Vitiligo treatments which can give your relief from this skin disease:  

a) Arsenic Album: Arsenic Album can help to cure chronic Vitiligo where the skin becomes worse and causes white patches on the body. This remedy helps treat Vitiligo.

b) Bacillinum: Bacillinum is a prescribed homeopathic treatment for a person suffering from Vitiligo and have lost weight and appetite. This treatment is also used to treat pneumonia and bronchitis patients.

c)Baryta Mur: BarytaMur produces good result over Vitiligo affected skin.   Other Treatments: Other treatment involves implanting healthy skin into the Vitiligo affected part. You can also go with treating Vitiligo with ultraviolet light to stimulate the patient’s melanocytes. Laser method is also well-know for treating Vitiligo.

There are even herbal methods to treat Vitiligo. Both herbal and homeopathic approaches involve addressing the root problems. The root problems of Vitiligo are usually related to the immune system, digestive system, liver, kidneys.

Vitiligo Homeopathic treatment is strongly recommended since the treatment is safe, natural and has no negative effects on the human body. A proper treatment can make your body and skin free from Vitiligo.

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