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Treatment Options for Vitiligo


Vitiligo is a skin condition that affects the products of melanin in the skin cells that result into formation of white patches on the body. Till date there is no complete cure found for cure for vitiligo, but the there are several medical options available to treat its symptoms.

Treatments for Vitiligo:


Phototherapy also referred as Light therapy includes exposure to daylight or to lights of precise wavelengths using lasers or other lamps. This treatment is mainly preferred for auto immune disease, such as Vitiligo. In this method, ultraviolet rays are utilized to stimulate the melanocytes in the body that are the melanin producing cells.

Skin Grafting:

Skin grafting is a kind of graft surgery that involves transplantation of skin. The transplanted skin tissue is termed as a skin graft. This is a treatment preferred by Vitiligo patients. During this surgery healthy skin is transplanted to the Vitiligo affected areas. If successfully carried out, the melanocytes from the healthy skin start to produce melanin and obscure the pale skin spots.

Herbal Treatments:

Herbal treatments for Vitiligo have been in use for centuries. These treatments mainly a complete treatment for symptoms as well as the supposed underlying causes. For instance, a classic Chinese herbal treatment would tackle the Vitiligo symptoms with topical medicines, but at the same time it attempts to address its underlying causes, which includes the digestive system, immune system, kidneys and liver among others.

Homeopathic Treatments:

Homeopathic treatments have become a common treatment for Vitiligo these days. These forms of treatments also address the main causes very much like herbal treatments. The biggest advantage of homeopathic treatments is that they have no side effects but take time to show results.

Laser Treatment:

It is one of the latest treatments for Vitiligo. Like light therapy, laser treatments also make use of ultraviolet rays to stimulate melanocytes in your skin cells. But unlike photo therapy, this treatment focuses the light by means of laser. Hence it has effective results with fewer side effects.

A treatment very rarely used to treat Vitiligo includes use of chemicals to evenly remove skin pigmentation. This gives the patient a skin with uniform pigment instead of patches.

Doctors at times use a combination of these treatments, which at times give notable results. The results mainly depend in the severity of the issue. In most cases, the treatment is successful make justice to the condition.

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