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FAQs on Vitiligo

Vitiligo Myths and FAQs
  • What is Vitiligo?

Ans: Vitiligo is a skin disease in which an individual looses the original color of his/her skin, and develops white patches on the skin. Vitiligo usually affects the area near the nose, hands, elbows and face. It sometimes even destroys the eye retina.  

  • What causes Vitiligo?

Ans: There are several causes of Vitiligo, but the actual cause is not completely discovered. Sun burn, emotional distress and mental tensions are perhaps some causes of Vitiligo. Therefore, it is necessary to protect your skin from harsh sunlight. In some cases, it is hereditary. The hereditary characteristics are many times transferred from parents or any other family member. Some other common causes of this skin disease are like immune hypothesis, neural hypothesis, self-destruction hypothesis, genetic hypothesis etc.  

  • What are the symptoms of Vitiligo?

Ans: White patches on the skin are the most usual symptom of Vitiligo. In some cases, an individual suffering from Vitiligo witnesses grey hair, eyebrows and eyelashes. A change in the color on the retina is also one of the many symptoms of Vitiligo. Vitiligo is easily visible in people with dark skin, since a white patch on the dark skin is clearly seen.  

  • Is there any specific age which is more prone to this skin disease?

Ans: Vitiligo may appear at any age and to people of any age group. Although, it is most commonly seen in people above twenty-five years of age or even younger people can develop this skin disease.  

  • What are the treatments for Vitiligo?

Ans: Phototherapy is one treatment of Vitiligo in which your skin is exposed to ultraviolet light. The skin is exposed to phototherapy after the patient is given a drug that makes the skin sensitive to the light.   Topical steroid therapy is a therapy makes use of some steroid creams. It is also one good way to treat this skin disease. This can treat the disease from the root which reduces the chances of further occurrence in future.   Apart from the above medications, there are also some of the homeopathic Vitiligo treatments which are found to be safe and effective. Such treatments have no negative effects on the human body.

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