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Discover Your Hidden Asthma Triggers


Asthma is a lung disease that affects more than 20 million people across the globe. An asthmatic attack is a result of triggers that could be any outdoor stimulant, including food, perfume, polluted air, animals, cold air and dust. Treating asthma becomes easier when you know and avoid your personal triggers. However, asthma trigger vary for different people.

To make tings further difficult certain triggers just cause mild reaction one day whereas a severe one the other day. This can be an outcome of being exposed to numerous triggers. There can be a time when you find that things which earlier didn’t bother you now all of sudden do. You will notice that tracing triggers can be difficult at the same time will need some detective work to trace and eliminate or say minimize the triggers at work or home.

As a start, you can keep a note of your astma attacks by writing everthing in a journal for some days. Firstly, make a note about how you feel on the day of an attack. Whether you were tired, didn’t sleep weel or had a brawl with your friend. What did you eat? Do make a detailed note of this and make sure you include the ingredients, additcives as well as colcoring because these things act as a trigger for many. Where did you go? Did that place have weeds, blooming flowers, damp moldy smells or animals around? Did you change your fabric softener, detergent or household cleaner? Also, write what excercises you do and how your body reacts to it.

Noting down things in a journal will help you soon realize the pattersn of your asthma attacks. This will not only make your aware of of your asthma triggers but also give an idea about how to deal with them to control as well as prevent an attack by trying to avoid, reduce or get rid of them. Practically speaking, it is not possible to control or get rid of all triggers specially ones at work, school, hoem or in any public place.

Luckily, today there is a secure solution for preventing asthma, i.e. homeopathic treatment. Homeopathic treatment for asthma, as you all know is a simple plus natural solution for treating asthma and allergies related to it. Though it offer slow results, several asthmatic patients have found effective relief for asthma through homeopathy.

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