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Breathing exercises to reduce asthma


Asthma is an airway disorder that block the lungs at the same time increases the inflammation which creates inability in breathing. It is important to find ways to minimize asthma symptoms and ease breathing problems. Several environmental factors, stress anxiety and fear can trigger asthma.

Alternative practices, including stress management and breathing exercises, are beneficial to reduce the severity as well as frequency of asthmatic symptoms. Studies state that effective breathing exercises can reduce asthma.

The four main breathing exercises are

1. Buteyko breathing techniques

2. The Papworth method

3. Yoga breathing (Pranayama) and

4. Inspiratory muscle training}

Each of the methods has the ability to improve asthma symptoms with the chance of reducing the use of asthma medications. However, consult your doctor before discontinuing any of your asthma medications.

The Buteyko method:

The Buteyko method is a treatment based on the hypothesis that asthma is a result of chronic hyperventilation. To rectify the issue, this technique focuses on breathing retraining. Hyperventilation reduces the carbon dioxide levels in the blood, hence raising the levels by shallow breathing can help eliminate the symptoms. The main objection of Buteyko is to stabilize breathing through three principles; i.e. nasal breathing, reduced breathing as well as relaxation.

The Papworth method:

The Papworth method more or less like the Buteyko method controls breathing and utilizes techniques, such as nasal breathing as well as relaxation. However, the main idea is to focus on deep belly breathing or else diaphragmatic breathing. Diaphragmatic breathing promotes relaxed and gentle breathing that uses the diaphragm as well as abdomen instead of chest.

Yoga breathing:

The main basic principle of yoga is Pranayama which is also referred as yoga breathing. Yoga breathing teaches you the technique of deep, steady and slow breathing. Along with breathing techniques Pranayama improves fitness and reduces stress, which is one of the common most triggers of asthma. Yoga is considered as an alternative exercise as well as a treatment to lessen asthma.

Inspiratory muscle training:

Inspiratory muscle training is a breathing procedure that is utilized to reinforce the lung muscles making it easier to breathe. The exercise not only functions as natural treatment for asthma but also helps in the management of pulmonary rehabilitation, COPD, heart failure treatment and also after various types of surgery.

Additionally, inspiratory muscle training also helps in developing sports performance as well as exercise endurance.
Other all these, there are several homeopathic treatments for asthma that offers slow and good relief from asthma symptoms.

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