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Homeopathy treatment for Asthma in children


Asthma is the foremost cause of chronic illness affecting children. It affects about 10 to 12 percent of children around the world for reasons unknown and the number is steadily increasing. Asthma affects any one at any age but majority of the children get their first symptoms by 5 years of their age.

Causes of child asthma:

There are several risk factors that contribute to the development of childhood asthma. Some of which include:

  • Family history of asthma
  • Existence of allergies
  • Low birth weight
  • Repeated respiratory infections
  • Contact to tobacco smoke before or after birth
  • Raised in a low-income background

Signs and symptoms:

Recurrent coughing spells that occurs mainly during play, at night or while laughing. Hence it is essential to know that your cough may not be the only symptom present. Additional symptoms include:

  • Rapid breathing
  • Low energy while playing
  • Complain of chest tightness or hurting
  • Whistling sound while breathing in and out
  • Shortness of breath
  • Feel weak or tired
  • Tight neck and chest muscles
  • Frequent headaches
  • Dark circles
  • Loss of appetite

Not all kids have same asthma symptoms, and symptoms vary in every asthma episode in the same child.  Also all kind of wheezing and coughing is not caused by asthma. The most common cause of asthma in kids under 5 years is upper respiratory viral infections like common cold.

If notice any kind of breathing problem in your kid, immediately take him or her for evaluation to the doctor.

Homoeopathic treatments for child asthma:

Homeopathic treatments usually include giving body minute amount of the substance that causes reaction to assist the body to cope. After the homeopath finds the exact treatment, patients will experience relief. Homeopathic treatments are individualized hence clinical research in homeopathy is bit difficult. No same remedy works for the patients with another patient of the same symptoms. Homeopathic treatments can be along with prescribed drugs. It is a safe and alternative way to cope with asthma.

The main aim of homeopathic treatment for asthma is to recognize the cause of attack and use bodies self healing processes to alter triggers to remedies. Asthma has to be viewed differently in every person as each patient is affected in a different way. Doctors consider factors, such as frequency of attacks, possible allergens as well as other symptoms. The treatment addresses the health of whole body not just the respiratory system. Eventually, homeopathy cures asthma by balancing and strengthening the immune system.

While following homeopathic treatment in asthmatic patient, great care needs to be taken to note the accurate symptoms experienced while an attack to appropriately identify the exact remedy.

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