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Daily Routine to shun Asthma Triggers


Asthma is a very common disorder affecting a number of people around the world. It is true and sad part that asthma affects old and young alike. Asthma can affect any one irrespective their lifestyle. The accumulation of mucus inside the lungs is the main cause of asthma attacks. The mucus membrane formed the respiratory tract swells and generates the histamine that leads to further inflammation that causes difficulty in breathing.

Asthma can cause problem to anyone as loss of breathing for a few seconds in an asthma attack can cause death. Hence, it becomes important for asthma patients to carry pumps with them every time so that they can restore breathing on time with its use.

Asthma causes problem in breathing due to a constraint in the air passage. Asthma triggers are of several types. An asthma patient gets an asthmatic fit due to allergic reactions to objects, such as animals, dust as well as insects. One of the common causes of attack is stress and change of seasons change. Some of the ways to control asthma include swimming, yoga and keeping the home and surroundings clean. Ensure that you do not have heavy meals during night and avoid smoking as it has more chances of worsening the disease.

Attacks of Asthma usually happen at night. One best and natural way to combat this condition is eating loads of vegetables and fruits. Also, make sure that you do not take too much stress. Consume large amounts of fatty fishes, such as sardines and mackerel. Drinking lots of water also helps to reduce the intensity of asthma. An asthmatic patient is always advised to stay away from foods that can augment the production of mucous in the nose. Also, they must refrain from foods, such as soy sauce, cheese, mushrooms as well as synthetic additives.

Having a cup of coffee or tea at times helps in preventing asthma attack. Certain potted plants can be a reason for asthma attacks. The pollen of these plants stimulates such attacks. Additionally, the dust present in the environment leads to a breathlessness. Children with asthma have poor immune system.

Extrinsic asthma is short-lived than chronic asthma as this form of asthma is caused due to certain external factors. Once you get asthma then you will be restricted to visit doctors forever and also use breathing pumps. Therefore, try to avoid causes of extrinsic asthma, which include pollen and dust.

There is not much research available regarding causes of asthma. Homeopathic treatment for asthma has notable effects in treating the symptoms of the disease. However, proper precautions and treatment will give you a trouble free life.

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