Shed your extra pounds this summer

Weight has always been a concern for most of us. Everyone wants to take least effort and still wants to be in shape and...

Five extraordinary success rules for weight loss

“I will loss 10 kilos in 2012, that’s my New Year resolution”, this is what every second individual decides before the New Year approaches....

Things you must avoid doing at the gym

Even if you are an enthusiastic starter or a seasoned bodybuilder, there are some things you must avoid doing at the gym. This can...

Top fat-loss tools you should know

Hormones can be one of the causes of weight gain; however, they are also used as fat-loss tools. According to experts, intake of proper...

Why you should never skip the breakfast?

Individuals have plenty of reasons to skip breakfast. It includes, upset stomach, no time to eat, office deadlines stress etc. However, there is and...

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