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Solutions to stop hair loss


Hair loss is a very common problem faced by most people. It can become a source of insecurity and humiliation for the ones not ready to lose their hair. The worst of all is when hair loss begins at an early age i.e. before the man reaches his thirties. What are you supposed to do if you are suffering with hair loss before time?

You can do what most others prefer, i.e. shave off your head to have a uniformed look. Shaved head look great on many people; it will fit with your style and personality. And the one who are not willing to sport a bald look can very well go for hairpieces which can not always go unnoticed.

Causes of hair loss:

The main step to be undertaken while preventing hair loss is to know the cause behind it and help to prevent further loss in hair. Most of the times, the primary cause for early hair loss and male pattern baldness is hereditary, but it can also be caused due to hormonal imbalance of the female or male hormones, referred as estrogens and androgens. Rectifying the hormonal imbalance at times stop hair loss. A very common example of this can be seen in women losing hair after having a baby. The loss in hair is caused due to drop in hormones.

Hair loss products:

Another option would be trying any of the hair loss products manufactured by several reputed manufacturers. But there is not magic pill that will promise to re grow your lost hair. There are several prescribed and non prescribed hair loss products available in the market with varying degree of success in re-growing hair. As these products are in very high demand more and more non-prescribed hair loss alternatives are introduced to offer clients economical alternative to re-grow hair at the same prevent further loss of hair.

Vitamins and hair supplements:

Additionally, you can find several vitamins that are specially formulated for hair thinning hair and to promote speedy hair growth. Clients take vitamins report to have thicker, lustrous and healthy hair, but the goal here is to re-grow hair. Hence consider more serious hair loss supplements that targets hair loss and balding. Before you consider any hair loss supplements do little bit of survey over the net and read the consumer reviews and product surveys.

A little tip to stimulate hair growth is to massage your scalp. This is an old tip that stimulates the hair follicles, unclog the blocked oil glands in your scalp and promote healthy scalp as well as new hair growth. Above all massaging is relaxing.

Some medications tend to aggravate hair loss. Medications, such as blood thinners, chemotherapy medications, birth control pills too much vitamin A and antidepressants cause hair to loss. Also avoid pulling your hair too tightly and reduce chemically treating your hair as they damage your hair.

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