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Psychological impact of hair loss in women


Hair loss is not only psychologically stressful for a man; it tends to have even more effects on a woman. Several research studies have stated that women have more psychological impact of hair loss as compared to men.

Women are more concerned about their appearance than men, hence are more likely to react negatively such event that can change their appearance for the worse. Also, they are more sensitive to their social presence and importance. If their hair loss has any impact on their beauty they lose their self-esteem. There is also a notion in females that their hair loss is more often not given any serious attention by family and friends. This is due to the lowered support system for hair loss in women which is not the case with males. Friends and Family mainly sympathize with men regarding hair loss and at times find humor in it.

Hair loss or balding in men is referred as male-pattern alopecia that is normal in men. However, hair loss in females is not regarded as normal, though it happens generally in both sexes.

The pattern of hair loss in females is not as familiar as the male pattern baldness. Hence, the psychological effect of hair loss in females is not considered may be due to lack of public awareness regarding the issue. It is common for men to cope with hair loss as compared to women. It is common for women to face problems such as:

  • Trying to hide hair loss
  • Discuss their hair loss issue with their hair stylist
  • Developing a hair style that covers baldness
  • Spending more time in developing their physical appearance to deflect attention from hair loss

It is general that even the slightest of hair loss can be sensitively disturbing for a woman. The best way to deal with such situation would be consulting with a certified dermatologist. This will help in:

(1) Determining the cause of hair loss

(2) Getting information about the treatment options on the basis of the cause of hair loss

(3) Comparing the treatment options depending on the costs, procedures as well as other concerns

(4) Undertaking a treatment program agreed upon after full discussion.

After a discussion with a dermatologist, you can go for surgical hair restoration if that is the way out. A combination of surgical hair restoration as well as medical treatment brings out good results. Hair transplantation procedure for hair loss is another beneficial method of hair restoration.

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