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Cheap home Psoriasis Remedies to treat psoriasis


Psoriasis is a very frustrating skin condition that can affect any one at any age. It is much like an uninvited guest who can be annoying. Psoriasis is a autoimmune disease that cause skin redness, dry, inflamed, red, scaly patches and irritation. Most people suffering from psoriasis have get suddenly or gradual flare-ups that can be aggravating. The patients get self conscious about their appearance and feel reluctant to go out without proper covering. The most annoying of all is that there is no full cure to Psoriasis. You will have to learn all by yourself how to deal with the condition and take proper care of your skin and yourself.

It’ is essential to keep the skin around the affected areas clean to avoid further infection. Besides this you need to follow some simple lifestyle changes to prevent psoriasis.

Here are some home remedies to clean the infected skin and to lessen itching and other symptoms:

Soak Yourself:

Swimming, showering, soaking in a tub and applying wet compress will help rehydrate the dry skin. It also softens and removes thick skin scales without causing any kind of damage to the skin. Thick scales act as a barrier for both medications as well as ultraviolet light hence it is essential to softly remove as much scales as possible. Regularly your skin will reduce itching and the redness of lesions.  Ensure the water is Luke warm as hot water has the chances of increasing itching.


Dry skin tends to bleed, crack and get infected, hence it is important to avoid drying of your skin. Moisturizing not only prevent dry skin, but also lowers the inflammation and helps to maintain flexibility. It assists in preventing the worsening of psoriasis at the same time makes the lesion scales less visible. Use heavy, greasy moisturizers as they work well in locking water deep into the skin. Apply a moisturizer just after you step out of shower. This will hold on all the natural oils and water in your body.


Dry indoor air can cause your skin to get dry, which is not good for psoriasis patients. Make use of room humidifiers to increase the humidity.

Use medications carefully:

Some medications, such as beta blockers, antimalarials and lithium can aggravate the disease in some people. Ensure that the doctor treating you knows about your skin condition. Also bring to his attention if the given medicine is aggravating your condition and get an alternative medication.

Choose soaps carefully:

Harsh soaps tend to dry and irritate your skin and also increases itching hence prefer a mild soap. Several mild soaps contain moisturizers. Prefer a soap-free cleansers if your skin is previously irritated and dry.


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