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Treat motion sickness with easy steps


Do you fear sitting in the car and bus for a long time? Do you feel weak and dizzy while travelling? These are all symptoms of motion sickness. It is quite frustrating and tough for people suffering from motion sickness to concentrate and live a normal life. The term ‘motion sickness’ is divided into various sub-categories depending on the situation in which the symptom of nausea and vomiting occurs. To make the living simple and normal, here are some of the natural fast-fixes for controlling this problem:

  • Ginger: It may be surprising for many to hear that ginger is one of the effective ingredients to relieve nausea. Ginger calms down the pyloric valve (a passage through which food passes) at the bottom of the stomach, which helps in reducing vomiting and nausea. Drink ginger tea every morning as well as before traveling by bus, train, or car. Additionally, carry mint chocolate or candies to avoid motion sickness.
  • Acupressure: – This is the best alternative treatment of motion sickness. It treats a wide range of problems, one of which is motion sickness. So, if you forget carrying mint candies or flavored chocolate while traveling, just press pericardium 6 point. This helps in relieving vomiting and sickness. This point is situated in the forearm close to a distance of two fingers below the crease of the wrist.
  • Mint: – It is also an effective treatment for curing digestive problems. The mint produces a cooling effect in the stomach, eliminating all the digestive discomforts and curbing vomiting sensation. Therefore, carry some mint flavor candies while traveling.
  • Other effective remedies: – Every doctor has different recommendation for controlling motion sickness. Some think that sugar candy is good for curbing nausea, while other give different tips:

a)      Do not read or write while traveling. It initiates the symptoms of vomiting or nausea.

b)     You might feel dizzy if you look outside the window for much time while traveling. Therefore, avoid peeping out continuously while traveling.

c)      Wash your face twice or thrice while traveling in the bus or train. This will keep you fresh and energetic all day.

d)     Avoid eating oily stuff, since that aggravate the symptoms of motion sickness.

Follow these general health tips for curing motion sickness. Natural health tips do not produce any negative effect, therefore follow these tips, and live a healthy life.

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