• Types of Eczema explained

    Eczema also referred as atopic dermatitis is a chronic skin disease that includes itchy and scaly rashes. The skin condition occurs as a result of a reaction in hypersensitive skin that leads to enduring redness and swelling in the skin surface. People suffering from eczema have deficiency of some proteins that leads to hypersensitivity.

  • Things you should know about Eczema

    What is Eczema? Eczema is a common skin disease which is characterized by itching, swelling, redness and outbreak of scratching the infected part. This disease is also called as dermatitis. Atope Dermatitis, also called as Atope eczema, is a type of Eczema. This skin disorder is non-contagious in nature, which means it does not spread from one person to another.