• Homeopathy Treatment for Child Allergic Asthma

    Asthma is the foremost cause of chronic illness affecting children. It affects about 10 to 12 percent of children around the world for reasons unknown and the number is steadily increasing. Asthma affects any one at any age but majority of the children get their first symptoms by 5 years of their age.

  • Breathing exercises to reduce asthma

    Asthma is an airway disorder that block the lungs at the same time increases the inflammation which creates inability in breathing. It is important to find ways to minimize asthma symptoms and ease breathing problems. Several environmental factors, stress anxiety and fear can trigger asthma.

  • Discover Your Hidden Asthma Triggers

    Asthma is a lung disease that affects more than 20 million people across the globe. An asthmatic attack is a result of triggers that could be any outdoor stimulant, including food, perfume, polluted air, animals, cold air and dust. Treating asthma becomes easier when you know and avoid your personal triggers. However, asthma trigger vary for different people.

  • Daily Routine to shun Asthma Triggers

    Asthma is a very common disorder affecting a number of people around the world. It is true and sad part that asthma affects old and young alike. Asthma can affect any one irrespective their lifestyle. The accumulation of mucus inside the lungs is the main cause of asthma attacks. The mucus membrane formed the respiratory tract swells and generates the histamine that leads to further inflammation that causes difficulty in breathing.

  • Treat Asthma, Breath freely

    In recent times, a human body is exposed to unhealthy environment which includes lots of pollution, and stress. These exposures make the body prone to numerous diseases. In order to reduce stress, many people hook to alcohol, smoking and drugs. Asthma is one such outcome of unhealthy surroundings and stress.

  • Homeopathy treatment for safe relief from asthma

    Conventional treatments prescribed for asthma such as bronchodilators and steroids cannot cure asthma but provide temporary relief. A respiratory disorder that can affect any age group, the potential triggers of asthma include pollution, stress, or food reactions. Although asthma cannot be cured, the good news is that it can be treated and controlled to a great extent enabling a sufferer to live a normal life.

  • Asthma and its symptoms

    Asthma Asthma is referred as a chronic disease that includes varied and at times recurring signs of reversible airflow obstruction along with bronchospasm. As such there is neither any cure for asthma nor a specific remedy for the illness, but it can definitely be treated.